#MNPSVoices- Morgan Campey, Extended Learning Grant Manager

Over the years, Morgan Campey’s career changed mainly due to moving, kids or better opportunities, but she consistently takes her next step with intention. She is drawn to jobs of service and, more specifically, jobs grounded in the importance of education.

Campey has been a preschool teacher, a school director, a mission worker in Malawi, Africa, and a program manager at the Martha O’Bryan Center. She is now the Extended Learning grant manager for Metro Schools, a role where she leans on her strengths, equipping people who work with students with the tools to do their jobs without distraction.

“Getting to come alongside people who have a fire for this work and equip them to do what they're doing better is what I live for,” Campey said.


Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSIn Malawi, she learned how to do just that — grow and empower those who could teach others. Campey realized that while teaching Pre-K was beneficial, it was more beneficial to equip the mothers with the knowledge to pass on to their next generations. Campey worked in a program called Creative Woman of the World, an organization focused on training women in areas related to financial literacy and best business practices.

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOS“There’s research out now that says if you educate women, poverty could end because there's always going to be kids,” Campey said. “But if the adults that are in their lives are educated, then they are empowered to raise a new generation with more knowledge than the last.’’

Campey still returns to Malawi to work with the community there. She is passionate about her missions and incorporates those values into her free time and with her family. She first noticed the difference that reaching out to your community makes by watching her brother journey through his own academic struggles. She became hyper-aware of students with a higher likelihood of slipping through the cracks.

“Growing up, my brother got into trouble and wasn’t the best student, but he luckily had teachers and coaches who cared about him,” Campey said. “I don’t know where he’d be without those educators who reached out, so my heart always goes out to that kid.”

Campey’ s role supports programs that keep students out of trouble and engaged in school. The before and aftercare programs at MNPS are more than just childcare — they are enrichment programs. The site managers and assistants develop activities that align with curriculum and school standards. They also give students time to work on homework or receive extra academic or social emotional help.

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOS“If we are with students an extra two, three or four hours, why wouldn’t we do something to make sure that we're extending and partnering with the school day and working towards (Key Performance Indicators)?” Campey said. “There’s a clear opportunity to make an impact in the afternoon.”

Extended Learning is Hiring

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSThe district seeks committed staff to insure this impactful learning time continues. Extended Learning is hiring program assistants, which is a part-time job that provides the foundation for these efforts. This role is for passionate potential educators, retirees or even high school seniors who want to be hands-on with students and their education.