Virtual Learning Parent Playbook

Virtual learning faqs

How will my child access content?

  • Virtual lessons will be posted in the district’s online learning system, Schoology, which students can access through their Clever accounts at by using their MNPS email and password.

What if I don’t have a laptop or tablet? What if I don’t have Wi-Fi?

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSThe district will be distributing devices to students who do not have one. Also, Wi-Fi hotspots will be available-(one per family.) Please be sure complete the needs-assessment survey that has been shared by your school.

What if my child’s device won’t work? What if Schoology won’t let them submit their work? What happens if a computer breaks or is not working and a student cannot get online to get instruction?

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSStudents who need help logging in to any of their school accounts, resetting their password, or other technology assistance can call the MNPS Help Desk: 615-269-5956. Hours: Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Are you keeping attendance?

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSYes.  School districts are required to adhere to Tennessee Compulsory Attendance laws.  As such, attendance will be tracked by students logging in at least once daily, prior to 11:59pm.  If a student will be absent and unable to participate in virtual learning for the day, the guardian should email the student’s teachers and/or attendance designee.

How will you address students’ social and emotional needs?

  • Teachers are asked to consider students’ social and emotional needs as part of their lesson planning, and their primary focus during this time will be focusing on connecting with students and ensuring their well-being. In addition, counselors, psychologists, and social workers are reaching out to some students on an individual basis.

 How do I get in touch with my child’s teacher?

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSYou can continue to email your child’s teacher and principal if you have questions or reach out to them via other communications channels that they have shared.

My child has unique needs. How will they be supported?

  • Teachers will consider every child’s needs in designing instruction and targeted support. Teachers can leverage accessibility tools in Schoology and Microsoft Teams to differentiate learning to meet the needs of our students.

How can a family that speaks a language other than English get technology support in their language?   

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSFamilies that speak a language other than English can receive technology assistance by calling 615-259-8787. MNPS will have an interpreter and a Technology Support Specialist ready to assist them. The call will begin with a translator who will then engage the help desk. Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm.

Are the online classes going to be livestreamed, or will it be a pre-recorded lesson (from their instructor) that they watch, or will the student be given a link to an online module to go through?   

  • Teachers will provide synchronous (scheduled) learning, where students can connect with their teachers and peers in real time, to be delivered live via Microsoft Teams.  Also, they will be recorded so that students can review, if needed.

How can families access an interpreter if they need support in a language other than English?  

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSFamilies can contact the Family Information Center at 615-259-4636. The Family Information Center will connect the family with a member of the MNPS Office of Translation Interpretation and Services. 

In this virtual space, how do I get updated information to the school?

  • Telephone numbers, cell phones, work phones, pagers, and emergency contacts are especially important in the event of illness or emergency.  Should these numbers change during the school year, please notify the school office immediately, so that we may update our records.  In addition, you can complete updates by logging into the Infinite Campus Family Portal.

If a student or family has an issue with the implementation of the student’s IEP, who should the student or parent contact to discuss the issue?   

  • The family should contact their child’s school principal and special education teacher to discuss their concern. If there are additional concerns that have not been resolved, please contact    

Who is eligible for Pre-K programs?  

  • All Pre-K students must be age four on or before August 15, 2020, with some exceptions, and a resident of Davidson County for the 2020-2021 school year.  

 Do I still need to apply for the Pre-K program if it’s virtual? 

  • Yes, since Pre-K is a voluntary program, families will need to apply for Pre-K. MNPS is currently accepting Pre-K applications for the 2020-21 school year, and applicants will be placed as vacancies occur. For information on how to apply, visit: 

How will MNPS provide virtual learning for Pre-K students?  

  • MNPS is committed to providing a quality Pre-K program for students. During virtual learning, MNPS Pre-K teachers will connect with students virtually to provide lessons from the Pre-K curriculum using both live and pre-recorded formats. Virtual instruction will be developmentally appropriate in content and length of time. Teachers will also be providing information on at-home activities to further support students’ learning experiences. A parent/guardian will need to accompany the child throughout this learning experience, including virtual sessions. 

How do you access virtual learning for Pre-K programs? 

  • Pre-K teachers will be providing virtual instructions through the platforms in the chart below. These platforms are free for families and can be accessed through a computer/laptop or mobile device.  

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSThe virtual environment will provide opportunities for both asynchronous learning, meaning students will work at their own pace, and synchronous learning where students can connect with their teachers and peers in real time.  

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSLearning Platform

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSDescription

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSHow to Access

Flipgrid Platform used to provide asynchronous virtual instruction to Pre-K students. Flipgrid is a free video discussion platform for MNPS students that can be used on any mobile device or computer. It allows our teachers to both see and hear from students in class.

In Flipgrid, educators post discussion prompts or videos and students respond with short videos. The Flipgrid apps are available for Android and iOS. Students log in to classes with the MNPS credentials.

Microsoft Teams Platform used to send communication to students and families and provide synchronous virtual instruction for Pre-K students. Our district uses Microsoft Teams to connect through video, audio calls, chat, document sharing and screen sharing. Teams is a free tool you can use on any mobile device or computer. Students can log in to their accounts with their MNPS credentials. Teams apps are available for Android and iOS.

Students log in to classes with the MNPS credentials.
Teaching Strategies Website used to support the curriculum and connect with families. Teaching Strategies website is where families can access activities from the Pre-K curriculum, which have been shared by their child’s teacher. Families can also communicate with the teacher about their child’s progress.

Will MNPS provide a technology device for my Pre-K child during virtual learning?

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSThrough the Mayor’s Office and CARES Act funding, all MNPS students will be receiving a laptop, including Pre-K. These devices will be deployed to families as they are delivered to the district. Be sure to complete the needs-assessment survey that was sent out by the principal.

Will my child’s Pre-K teacher contact us?

  • Your child’s MNPS Pre-K teacher will be contacting Pre-K families in the following weeks. Once the school year begins, the expectation is that Pre-K teachers will be meeting with families for live virtual learning throughout the school week, as well as one-on-one meetings with families on a weekly basis. 

What are the virtual classroom expectations for my child during this virtual learning period?

  • Students are expected to participate daily by connecting with their teacher through the online platforms Flipgrid and Microsoft Office Teams.

What happens if a computer breaks or is not working and a student cannot get online to get instruction?  

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSTechnology support will be offered through the MNPS Help Desk at 615-269-5956, Monday through Friday, 7:00am – 7:00pm.     

When will the MNPS Pre-K program return to an in-classroom setting?

  • Metro Schools will continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 in consultation with the Metro Health Department to determine when it is safe for in-person schools, following the Mayor’s roadmap for reopening when possible. Decisions will be communicated at least two weeks prior to a shift back to in-person classes so that students and staff can appropriately prepare.    

Why do some classrooms require a fee, have an income, or zone requirements and others do not?

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSMetro Pre-K classrooms are funded in a number of different ways, including using local and state funding. Each funding source has different requirements, such as serving only low-income students or charging a fee. 

How much do Pre-K programs cost?

  • Some Pre-K seats at schools have fees or income requirements and some do not.  Fees are charged on a sliding scale and could range from $0-144 per child every week. The fee does not include before or after care.

What can I do if my child needs additional support in academics or behavior?

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSPlease contact your principal and/or counselor to schedule a support-team meeting (S-Team). Time is allotted each day to provide supports to students in these areas based on needs.

Are families expected to pay Pre-K program fees for virtual learning? 

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSProgram fees will be assessed during virtual learning at a 25% reduce cost. MNPS is committed to providing a high-quality, virtual Pre-K program by providing a research-based curriculum, technology devices and daily instruction in whole group, small group and weekly one-on-one meetings with classroom teachers.  

How do I pay my fees for the MNPS Pre-K Program?

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSPayments can be made using a check, money order, online or cash. Monthly payment slips are included in the initial packet (families do not need to submit a slip if paying weekly). Please include the slip with each monthly payment. Payments made by: 

    • Check or Money Order, made out to “Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools.”

    • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSPlease send your payment to: PO Box 40144, Nashville, TN 37204

    • Online:

    • Cash (only available when MNPS offices are open to the public): Must be paid in person at the Family Information Center located at the MNPS Board of Education Office, 2601 Bransford Avenue, Nashville TN 37204. 

What type of payment schedules does the MNPS Pre-K Program offer?

  • Families can select to pay program fees on a weekly or monthly schedule. Payment fees begin the 1st day your child attends school.

    • Weekly payments are due by the preceding Friday of each week. 

    • Monthly payments are due by the 1st of the month. Families selecting to pay monthly will receive a 5% discount off the Pre-K sliding scale fee.

Does MNPS provide any tuition assistance for the MNPS Pre-K Program?

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSDuring virtual learning, all families will qualify to receive a reduced rate. The tuition assistance program will resume once students return to in-person learning within the classroom. Families can apply for the tuition assistance program at that time to continue to receive the reduced tuition price.

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSBeginning in the 2018-19 school year, MNPS provided Prekindergarten Tuition Assistance. Tuition assistance will offer a reduced tuition rate to qualifying families accepting a Pre-K fee-based seat. Families currently experiencing hardship, family emergency or trauma that meet the criteria will qualify to submit a Pre-K Tuition Assistance Application along with documentation to their child’s accepting school site. Applications, along with documentation, will be reviewed by the prekindergarten leadership, should these be for consideration. For more information visit:

Are there additional resources to support families and prepare their child for kindergarten?

  • The district has collaborated with Alignment Nashville and many other community organizations to develop the Countdown to Kindergarten ( website, a Pre-K and kindergarten readiness website. This website provides free resources and information for families. Visit:

  • You can visit the for at-home activity ideas at and follow @MNPSPreK on Facebook and Twitter.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the MNPS Pre-K Program? 

Question Topic

MNPS Department

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSContact Information

Submitting a Pre-K Application, Pre-K Wait List and General MNPS Questions Family Information Center (615) 259-4636 (INFO) or
General Pre-K Program Questions, Program Fees or Pre-K Tuition Assistance Early Learning Department (615) 298-6766 or
Pre-K Classroom Questions Child’s School Site/Pre-K Teacher (Child’s School Site/Pre-K Teacher
Technology Assistance (i.e. Accessing technology learning platforms, login, passwords, etc.) Help Desk (615) 269-5956 or In-Language Support: (615) 259-8787
Back to School Updates MNPS

If you have any other questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher, principal, or counselor.