Virtual Learning Parent Playbook

Social-emotional learning

This section outlines student and family supports and highlights the district’s priorities.

student supports

social and emotional learnign supports

Individual and Group Student Check-ins by School Staff

  • SEL Navigators - Adult-Student Daily Check-Ins: Students will be assigned a SEL Navigator who will conduct daily check-ins via phone, or Teams.

  • Student Virtual Needs Assessment: Students will complete the district-created Virtual Needs Assessment by the end of the second week of school.

  • Community Gathering/Morning Meeting Lessons: Teachers will provide an opportunity for students to come together as a group using the Community Gathering/Morning Meeting pre-made lessons into daily routine (20 mins daily).

  • Mindful Minute Lessons: Teachers will provide Mindful Minute lessons daily using pre-made activities and will incorporate them into daily schedule (2 x day, 5-10 minutes).

  • Training Opportunities: Students will have access to a series of training opportunities to support social-emotional health and wellness, to include asynchronous and synchronous learning. Information will be pushed out directly to students using Schoology.

District-wide Virtual Extracurricular Activities

  • Students will be provided extended learning opportunities through clubs of interest. Students will be encouraged to sign up and set a school goal for participation. During virtual learning, the district will not be providing after-school care.   

Ongoing Food Distribution Sites

  • The Community Achieves team will assess individual school needs and provide access to food using distribution sites. Dates, times and locations will be communicated to families and schools.

On-demand Virtual Office Hours and Virtual Tele-therapy Services  

  • Principals will establish a rotation schedule/office hours for staff to support students (Counselor, Restorative Practice, Social Worker, Centerstone, Vanderbilt health, etc.)

family supports

Back-to-school drive-through distribution (school supplies) 

  • During week of August 10, families will be able to pick up school supplies at their schools, drive-through style. The drive-through also will be a “welcome back” touch-point with students and families.   

  • Community Achieves sites will also have food distribution. for more details.

Home language family communications

  • Schools will ensure communications include home language translations. Families that speak a language other than English can receive technology assistance by calling 615-259-8787.

MNPS online learning family support engagements

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSA series of professional learning opportunities led by the district include:

    • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSSupporting your child’s transition to virtual learning (Asynchronous/Synchronous; Weeks 1 and 2

    • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSDaily Mindful Moment Sessions: Mindfulness, Mindful Breathing and Yoga, Stress Management and Coping for Wellness (Asynchronous/Synchronous); Weeks 1, 2, and 3

    • Social Emotional Learning at Home (Asynchronous/Synchronous); Week 3

    • Watch the previous online sessions for families.

Virtual Open House/Orientation

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSAt this time, schools will communicate resources, school-wide expectations, attendance and behavior support expectations, update contact information, etc. Translation services will be made available.

Virtual Family Home Visits 

  • Families will be contacted before school begins with a welcome and brief needs assessment about device/materials/food needs. This district is prioritizing contact with families that could not be reached in the spring semester.

Ongoing Touch-points

  • A schedule of weekly/bi-weekly touch-points with families (“Family Hour”) will be scheduled to share MNPS digital resources, provide updates and identify needs.