Pre-Kindergarten Information

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSThe first five years of life are a time of incredible growth and development. Children who participate in a

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSquality early childhood education program tend to:

Be better prepared for success in school 

Develop better reading and language skills

Score higher on school-readiness tests

MNPS Pre-k program

Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) offers various pre-k program options across Davidson County

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSthat provide a welcoming and engaging environment for pre-k students and families.

Head start program

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSThe federal Head Start program has provides low-income 3-and 4-old children and their families with

comprehensive early education and support services. All Head Start programs focus on the “whole child”

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSand include: early education that addresses cognitive, developmental, and socio-emotional needs;

medical and dental screenings, referrals and treatment; nutritional services; parental involvement

activities; referrals to social service providers for the entire family; and referrals for mental health

services, as needed.

Voluntary pre-k program

Tennessee’s Voluntary Pre-K Program is a state-funded educational program designed to prepare

children for success in kindergarten. Pre-K classes are available in every eligible Tennessee school

district. The program is specifically for 4-year- olds, with first priority given to those at risk for entering

school ready to learn. Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) serves Davidson County.