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There is nothing more important than a child’s education. How we instill knowledge, values and caring to children helps them grow into productive, compassionate and successful adults.

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSAt Metro Nashville Public Schools, we understand that developing the whole child is critical to building a strong learning community. That’s why we work closely with students, staff, families and the community to ensure every child is ready for college, career and life.

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSThe 2020-2021 school year is one like no other we’ve experienced due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. This pandemic has altered our way of life and challenged us to learn, adapt and broaden our perspective about what it means to teach and learn. Despite the extraordinary circumstances of this school year, our staff remains committed to our mission of delivering a great public education to every student, every day, no matter what circumstances we face as a community.

We are working with our local government and health officials to ensure the safety of our students and staff. We distributed more than 45,000 student devices and 17,000 hotspots during the first month of school, provided technical assistance and training to families, students and staff to support virtual instruction, served meals at schools and at bus stops, worked with community providers to set up child care services, and offered numerous social and emotional supports to students and families.


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Illustrations reflect 2020-2021 data as of September 2020. Due to COVID-19, enrollment numbers are lower than normal.


supporting our students & families

MNPS works with partners throughout Nashville to offer a wide range of programs and services to ensure students are fully supported, in and out of the classroom.

Family Resource Centers

Each Family Resource Center connects families and students to community services, health resources, GED classes and other needs based on their neighborhood.

Community Resource Guide

An online guide to assist youth and families in finding and accessing assistance from community providers.

h.e.r.o. program

The H.E.R.O. program for families in transition, or experiencing homelessness, provides students and their families with critical services.

Community Achieves

Community Achieves schools offer programs focused on four key areas: College and Career Readiness, Family Engagement, Health and Wellness and Social Services.



It isn’t the school year anyone expected, but MNPS responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by quickly implementing high-quality, all-virtual learning and providing the needed equipment, internet access and technical support. Thousands of students, teachers and school leaders discovered new ways to work together academically, while the district’s support staff worked hard to support instruction and provide families access to nutritious meals, technology and other essential services.

At the same time, MNPS planned for students’ eventual return to the classroom, offering an in-person return for our youngest learners first. Regardless of our students’ chosen learning environment, our teachers, staff and community partners will continue to work together to make sure all students have a fulfilling school experience, in an unusual year, that includes engaging instruction, extracurricular activities and essential wrap-around services.


a strong public education from Pre-K to graduation



Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSWhen it comes to a child’s first school experience, MNPS’ prekindergarten classrooms offer diverse learning environments with student-led activities. Teachers create purposeful learning opportunities that encourage children to play and explore as a path to learning. Through implementation of The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool, classes focus on areas most important for school success. After completing Pre-K, each student will exhibit a love of learning, curiosity about the world and growth in the foundational skills for reading, language and math.

elementary school in metro nashville public schools

elementary schools

Elementary levels align all core subjects with state and district learning standards. Teachers provide instruction in reading/language arts, mathematics, science, health and social studies and use a variety of teaching tools to actively engage students. Social-emotional learning is a key component to the curriculum and day-to- day environment. After completing grades K-4, students will demonstrate knowledge and skill in technology, computer and digital literacy, acquire basic skills in music, visual arts and physical education, read and write at or above grade level, demonstrate proficiency in math, and be academically prepared for the transition to middle school.


middle schools

Middle school is a pivotal time in a child’s education. Through a collaborative planning approach, educators will challenge students to think critically, be creative, and to communicate and collaborate with their peers. Students are empowered to better understand how their skills fit into our complex world. After completing grades 5-8, students will be academically prepared for the transition to high school and to make education and career plans for high school and beyond.

high schools in metro nashville public schools

high schools

High school offers students personalized, thematic learning tied to real-world experiences. At the end of grade 12, students will be academically prepared to transition to college and career, read and write at or above grade level, and be on track to enroll in a credit bearing math course in college. Throughout grades 9-12, students will formulate and follow a plan for post-secondary education and/or career by completing at least one advanced course and obtaining college credit and/or a nationally- recognized professional certification, as well as contributing through one or more work-based internships and/or service-learning experiences.


school choice

Families in Nashville have available to them—meaning there’s a school that’s right for your child. MNPS will help ensure your child has a great educational experience and that graduates are prepared for college, a career and life. Every year, the Optional Schools Application Process allows you to choose among open enrollment schools or for your child to attend his or her zoned school. A school tour is a great way to meet teachers and principals, observe classrooms and learn about academic programs.


zoned schools

Every child in Nashville is zoned for a specific elementary, middle and high school and is guaranteed a seat at that zoned school. Some areas also have zoned options, which give families guaranteed access to more than one school. Proof of residency is required to attend a zoned school.

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optional schools

Optional schools fall into two categories: schools without a zone designed to attract students from all over town, such as magnet and charter schools, and zoned neighborhood schools with available seats. Magnet schools often offer specialized programming and may have entrance requirements. Some charter schools also offer their own application process. If a zoned neighborhood school has available seats, any student in Nashville may apply to fill them.

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Parents are responsible for transportation to optional schools unless otherwise indicated on the school choice application. All high school students can ride We Go buses free through the StrIDe program. Middle school students attending school outside of their zone are also eligible to ride We Go buses free after parents complete a permission form at the school’s main office.

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Many charter schools use the district’s Optional Schools Application to admit students, but some use their own applications. If the charter school your child would like to attend does not appear on the application, contact that school to learn more about its application process.

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MNPS offers a range of options to fit every family’s needs. Whether you are looking for advanced academics, related arts, special education services, English language supports or STEAM education programs, we offer the best choices to meet individual student needs — starting at Pre-K all the way through graduation.



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