We are committed to providing safe and efficient transportation for our students.

Transportation Eligibility and Planning

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSAll students who attend their school of zone, and who live more than 1.25 miles from school (1.5 miles for high schools), are eligible for school bus transportation.  Exceptions are made for certain areas where unsafe walking conditions exist. 

We use Tyler’s Versatrans Routing & Planning, a state-of-the-art computer mapping and routing program, to create the most efficient bus routes possible.  As a result, we are generally unable to provide door-to-door bus service.

Optional Schools, Magnet Schools & Public Transportation

MNPS provides transportation only to students who attend their zoned school, but there are some exceptions and options.

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSPublic bus transportation through WeGo Public Transit is provided at no cost to all Metro Schools high school students through the . The free service also is available to middle school students attending an MNPS optional school, with the exception of charter middle schools. Contact your MNPS middle school office for parental permission forms and eligibility information. 

Some charter schools provide their own transportation. Contact individual schools to determine transportation availability.

Parents with children in Special Education, Special Services and Pre-K Programs

If your child is in Special Education, Pre-K, or qualifies for Special Services, transportation arrangements must be made through the office from which your child receives these services.  Please contact your Special Ed or Pre-K adviser to make these arrangements.  If you do not know who you need to talk to, please contact our Family Information Center at  259-INFO (259-4636) to be directed to the appropriate person.

Alternative Transportation Request

An Alternative Transportation Request form must be submitted if you want your child to be picked up or dropped off at a location different than your neighborhood pickup location. Requests are approved, with limits.  

Find your Bus Stop

Check  FindMyStop  to find the bus stop closest to you.

Checkto find the bus stop closest to you.

Student bus stop information and route number can be found on:

These guidelines will help ensure your child’s safety: 

  • Students must arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to bus arrival.

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSAll students must board and leave the bus at their assigned stops.

  • Each bus will have the route number displayed near the second window on the entrance side of the bus.Route numbers always will identify buses.

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSRemind your child to look for and know his/her route number.

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSThe route number will always be displayed, even if there is a substitute driver or substitute bus.

  • Students will be held responsible for their conduct on the bus and at the bus stop and may receive a referral for failure to follow the bus rules.

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSIf your student does not need school transportation services for the Fall semester of the 2020-21 school year, please complete the and see more information below.

    • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOS This opt-out is not related to the meals being distributed on buses by Transportation.

    • If you would like to reinstate Transportation for your student at a later time, please contact the Family Information Center at (615) 259-INFO (4636). 

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSIn the event of severe weather, school closing information is available on the local television and radio stations, website or by calling (615) 259-INFO. If you have any questions, or if your address changes, call 259-INFO.

WeGo Bus Rider Information

Students who ride a Nashville public transit bus should visit the to learn more about bus service and the Metro Mask Mandate, which also applies to public transportation vehicles. 

Middle School WeGo riders: If your student is a Middle School WeGo bus rider, which is effective October 27. Families, please note, several routes will not be operating.

Buses deliver student meals while schools are virtual

Meal deliveries at bus stop locations can be found on the , but visit the Nutrition Services pageBắn Cá Hải Tặc iOS for times and details for picking up student meals at your local school or at a school bus stop while schools operate virtually.

don’t need Metro schools Bus transportation?

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSIf your student does not need school transportation services for the Fall semester of the 2020-21 school year, please complete the .

Will you ride the school bus this school year?.png
  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSComplete one form per student.

  • This request does not apply to students attending choice schools or charter schools.

  • This request does not apply to students who take WeGo transit.

  • Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSYou will need to know your student’s ID number.

    • If you do not know the Student ID number, contact the Family Information Center at (615) 259-INFO or

Bắn Cá Hải Tặc iOSYour student can opt back into transportation services by calling the Family Information Center, (615) 259-INFO.

Frequently Asked Questions

The addresses other transportation questions. If you would like to speak to someone about transportation, please contact the Family Information Center, (615) 259-4636.